Elderly Couple Murdered in Fort Lauderdale Home, Family Seeks Answers

In a heartfelt appeal to the public, Kim Melvin Hill and Tonya Mitchell expressed their bewilderment and anger over the brutal murder of their parents, Major and Claudette Melvin, in their Fort Lauderdale residence. The incident, which took place on March 22, has left the family and community in shock. The only item reported missing from the scene was the couple’s decade-old red 2014 Ford Focus, leading to a nationwide alert for the vehicle. Despite the widespread attention and a $5,000 reward for information, the perpetrator remains at large.

The Melvins, who had been married for 60 years and were beloved members of their community, were found deceased in their home under tragic circumstances. According to family members, 89-year-old Major Melvin was fatally shot while sleeping on the living room couch, and his 85-year-old wife, Claudette, was shot as she emerged from the bedroom. The couple’s long-time home, where they raised 11 children and were grandparents to 28, appeared to have been left largely undisturbed, with valuables and personal belongings untouched.

Fort Lauderdale police and the Melvin family are urgently calling for any information that could lead to the arrest of the suspect. The senseless violence has left the family grappling with loss and seeking justice for the loving couple, remembered for their kindness and devotion to family and community.

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