Extreme Heat Wave and Wildfires Threaten Western and Southern States

A record-breaking heat wave is sweeping across the Western and Southern United States, with daily temperatures soaring to unprecedented highs. The National Weather Service has issued heat warnings and advisories affecting more than 100 million people. California’s Death Valley has recorded temperatures as high as 122 degrees, while Sacramento and Bakersfield reached 99 and 108 degrees, respectively. Cities across the southern U.S., including Birmingham, Alabama, and Atlanta, Georgia, are experiencing heat indexes that make temperatures feel well over 100 degrees.

In Northern California, the Thompson Fire has forced the evacuation of 28,000 residents in Oroville, as the wildfire continues to rage across 3,568 acres with only 7% containment. The extreme heat is exacerbating fire conditions, with temperatures in parts of inland California expected to reach 110 to 115 degrees. The National Weather Service has warned that these temperatures pose significant health risks if proper heat safety measures are not followed.

In response to the intensifying heat waves, President Joe Biden’s administration has proposed new regulations aimed at protecting workers exposed to high temperatures, including mail carriers, construction workers, and restaurant staff. The rules seek to address the increasing dangers posed by climate change-induced heat. The public is advised to stay hydrated, avoid direct sunlight, and seek air-conditioned environments to mitigate the effects of the extreme heat.

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