Fake personal trip: Australian Minister loses chair

While the Australian parliament is inching towards the elections, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is forced to reshuffle his government as one of his ministers, Stuart Robert, resigns for breaking position standard. Reports say that the minister had earlier done an unauthorised business trip to China on the pretext of a vacation trip. According to the reports, the minister had accompanied his friend, Paul Marks, who was on a trip to strike a business deal in china on early 2014. It is learned that the specified business person is one of the main fund-donors of the ruling Liberal Party. As per the preliminary information, Mark, during his trip, had successfully inked a mining deal with a Chinese state-run company, Minmetals. Earlier, in contrary to the minister’s claims, the Chinese company’s website reveals that the Australian minister had attended the inking ceremony on behalf of the Australian government. The revelation had broken the defence statement of the minister and the government, and the opposition utilised the situation to put the minister in a defence-less situation. However, Minister Robert denied the allegations, and he still claims that he was not on an official trip during the deal. Opposition strongly criticised the minister, and said that a minister of the government should not accompany any business person until and unless the country officially demands it. Robert was the minister of human services and veteran’s affairs in the Turnbull’s liberals-led-government. In an official statement, Turnbull declares that the minster has shares in the company and he had a specific business interest when he visited China.


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