Former Miss Brazil Gleycy Correia has died after undergoing surgery on her tonsils

Former Miss Brazil Gleycy Correia dies after Tonsil Surgery. She was 27 years old. The cause of death was cerebral hemorrhage and heart attack after surgery. Glacier, a model and beautician, was crowned Miss Brazil 2018.

She had been in a coma for two months. Meanwhile, she underwent surgery to remove his tonsils. We are deeply saddened by this loss. ‘She was a wonderful woman, and everyone loved her. It’s not easy to live without her smile and sparkle … ‘- Family Pastor Lydian Alves told the Washington Post.

Miss Gleycy Correia is a model and beautician with over 56,000 followers on Instagram. Gleycy was born in Macau, on the Atlantic coast of Brazil. Gleycy, who was active in fashion shows as a teenager, rose to the title of Miss Brazil with full confidence.

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