Gabrieli’s body found; Lover in hiding, searching is going

The FBI says the body of 22-year-old Gabrieli, who has been missing since Sept. 11, was found Sunday night in Bridger Teton National Forest. Police did not specify the cause of death. Police are searching for her boyfriend Brian, 23, following the disappearance of Gabrieli, who has been in the national media for the past week.

Gabrieli and Fianc Bryan set out in a Ford van in the first week of August 2012 to travel around the United States. On September 1, Brian arrived at his home in Florida without Gabriel. On Sept. 11, Gabrielle’s family complained to police that they had not seen her. Police and the FBI have been searching for the body in Wyoming since then. Police said the information was passed on to family members.

Their bodies were last found in the area where Gabrieli’s message (phone) was received. The two first met at Suffolk County High School in New York. And then stayed together.

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