Independents to decide Australia’s future


As the Australian general election is slowly marching towards a political deadlock, the top political parties have approached independent members to ascertain support in their race to grab power. As per reports, the Labour party and Liberal-National Coalition have convened meetings with independent members to deliberate terms and conditions. Anyway, the final result of the election will only be released on late Tomorrow. Until then, we cannot predict the actual scenario of the seats, say experts. At the same time, the result of the senate election will take several weeks. As far as now, the Labour party is leading in nearly sixty nine seats while the Liberal-National Coalition is advancing in sixty four seats. Though the leftist are presently holding a slight advantage, the possibility of the ruling collation being re-elected to run the government may not be ruled out; because preponderance of the seats are witnessing close fight.

BBC reported as an analyst as saying; the ruling party may again grab the helm of the government with the support of the independent members. Meanwhile, they warn that presence of the anti-immigrant ideologists in the senate will contribute headache to the new supremo, whoever it is. Moreover, they predict that neither of the top parties could grab a concrete majority to enjoy power uninterruptedly. It is for the first time since 2000 the country is conducting the double-dissolution election – the elections for both the House of Representatives and the senate conducted together. Interestingly, this kind of election is advocated by the ruling coalition to break the deadlock over the industrial relations bill.




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