Indian top investigators allege Pak fuelling Kashmir crisis



The India’s top investigative agency, National Investigation Agency, alleges that the Pakistan government is fuelling the Kashmir unrest by helping terrorist to infiltrate into the disturbed region.The investigative agencies confirm that a high commanding agency, named ‘Alpha 3’, is operating in the “Pakistan Occupied Kashmir” region with the help of the Pakistan military to guide the infiltrated terrorist.In the report, the NIA reportedly claims that the terrorist’s prime aim is to mingle with the protesters and ignite the spark.The vital information regarding the Pakistan military’s involvement in the Kashmir unrest is said to be gathered during the interrogation session of an infamous Lashkar terrorist, Bahadur Ali, who was arrested in Kashmir on last month by the NIA.

The investigative agency also released a confession video of the terrorist to strengthen their arguments.From the video, we can easily come to a conclusion that some top military officials of Pakistan had personally met these terrorists, who infiltrated into the country, and gave them vital information and guidance before they infiltrated into the country.The confession video also clarifies that the Pak military forces equipped the militants with some latest weapons and sensitive maps.Earlier, there were reports that the Pakistan intelligence agency helped the militants to conduct the infamous Mumbai attack, which killed over one-hundred innocent Indians.Now, with this latest information, the Indian government is reportedly planning to invite International attention on the growing unrest in Into-Pak borders.Even if it is not a new information, the concrete evidence gathered by our investigative agencies may help us to present our concern in the global stage confidently.



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