Indonesia suspects more severe attacks from militants


As the Island country has lots of insecure borders, the Indonesian forces are expecting mush severe attacks from the Uighur militants and IS. Recently, the militants attacked the Jakarta region, and the incident had taken at least eight lives including the militants.Reports say that around ten Uighur militants had illegally sneaked into the country since late 2014.

Police force suspects that these militants may join hands with the home-coming ISIS militants, and they, most probably, would conduct a severe attack on the country. Police admit that it is very difficult to watch all the borders and effectively check the sneaking of militants. They claim that the militants already have acquired a good ground base in the country. Indonesia, a Muslim-majority nation, is comprised of around eighteen thousand small islands. The country is a safe haven to the drug smugglers and traffickers because the police are incapable to effectively check all the borders. The fishermen reportedly help the traffickers and smugglers. According to a report, at least five-hundred people from Indonesia had joined the Islamic State militant groups. Recently, the police forces had arrested Ali Mehmet, a Uighur militant, from the country, and ceased some bomb-making machines from his house. The incident had brought out the intensity of the militant threat in the Muslim-majority nation. However, the Indonesian police had reportedly requested Chinese assistance to sort-out the militant threat.


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