Israel performs brutal interrogation on Palestinian detainees: says NGO

A detailed investigation report submitted by two Israeli NGOs –B’Tselem and Hamoked- reveals that several Palestinian detainees had undergone brutal interrogation by security agencies under Israel custody. The report indicates that the force used a systematic and a well-organised manner to abuse the detainees. To formulate an authentic report, the NGOs have reportedly interviewed at least hundred and sixteen Palestinian detainees who had allegedly faced brutal interrogation at Shikma prison over some terror suspect case. The seventy pages joint report has reportedly exposed all the relevant details regarding the illegal arrests and torture conducted by the Israeli security agencies. Throwing light towards the systematic characteristics of the brutality, the report found similarity in the abuses that was allegedly performed at the detainees. Meanwhile, the Israeli authorities denied the allegations and claims that the report was badly distorted. They added that the NGOs have purposefully avoided the facts and included misleading contents instead. They further assert that the authorities are strictly following proper procedures while conducting an interrogation. They reminded the reporters that all the detainees, who were detained at Shikma prison, were terror suspects. It is learned that a High Court order in Israel is curtailing the security officers from using third-degree towards a detainee. Interestingly, the report identify that majority of the detainees were initially interrogated in the Palestine custody and later they were handed them over to Israeli security forces. However, the authenticity of the report is not yet conformed. The international authorities have not yet responded about the latest report.


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