Istanbul carnage: over 36 dead and at least 140 injured in terror attack

Around thirty six people were brutally killed and at least one-hundred and forty people badly injured in a terrible terror attack at Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul of Turkey. As per reports, around three attackers have open-fired at the passengers randomly and blown themselves up before getting into a direct confrontation with the airport security officials. Experts say that either IS or Kurdish separatist may be the organisers of the terrible terror attack. While speaking to the reporters, Turkish confirmed the involvement of Islamist terror organisation behind the inhuman terror attack on the innocent passengers. BBC reporter claims that the attacking pattern adopted by the terrorist indicates they are well-coordinated in their operation.

He added that though the internal security system of the airport is far above the satisfactory level, the vehicles moving into the airport are not properly checked. It is learned that the attackers have reached airport in a taxi. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in a grievance-filled speech, called for global fight against terrorism. Meanwhile, US termed at as a ‘heinous crime’, and offered all possible support to Turkish government. The German government also extended support to the ailing Turkish authority for fighting the growing terror crisis. Reports say that Istanbul has always been a vulnerable spot in Tukey. In recent years, the city has witnessed several fatal attacks. The frequent attacks raise concern over the internal security of Asia’s entry point to Europe.



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