Italy declares emergency after terrible tremor


As hope of finding more tremor survivors fades, the Italian government has declared a state of emergency in the region, where a disaster had been created by a terrible tremor on Wednesday. As per report publicised by the Italian officials, nearly two-hundred and fifty people had been killed and over three-hundred and sixty-five people injured. It is learned that the rescue groups are still continuing their search for more possible survivors. Remarkably, even after two days they did not leave hope. Presently, the government agencies have installed nearly five-thousand rescue operators in different locations.  The aftershocks have reportedly affected the rescue operations negatively.

The Italian Prime Minister has assured a huge financial aid to the victims. He has also pledged a reasonable amount for rebuilding the houses, which are damaged by the earthquake. In addition to these offers, the government has announced tax relaxation. It is said that a project, named ‘Italian homes’, has also been launched. Meanwhile, some people criticised the government for creating under-quality buildings. They argued that the government builders are not following proper building standards. But, the government strongly denounced the argument, saying it has followed all prescribed building standard effectively. As per latest report, some foreigners were also killed in the earthquake. BBC confirmed that nearly three Britons died in the disaster. Meanwhile, the Romanian government reported that at least eleven Romanian citizens who were in Italy are missing since Wednesday.





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