Kidnapped by aliens in their sleep, they are almond-eyed, woman explains

A woman from England claims to have been abducted by aliens while she was asleep. She said the aliens, who had been kidnapped several times, had left strange bruises and marks on her body. Maria Leva, 51, of Kent, has come up with such a bizarre claim.

She says the scars left on her body when she wakes up are evidence of an alien visit. Often waking up in a place far away from home. He wonders how he got there. Once I had to call a taxi and go home.

“I’m often seen things in the sky as well as creatures. When I’m sad at night, I go to my home terrace in Colombia and cry to the stars. I ask them why they left me here. I tell them I want to go home,” Maria said.

” I wake up between two and three o’clock in the morning through telepathic communication. He is often asked to walk closer to the window. From there you can sometimes take outside videos and other times take pictures. I can not control it. For the past two weeks I have seen two flying objects in the sky. I saw her up to three times a night ” – she explained her experience.

” They communicate with me through my dreams and I know when they visit. When they visit, they leave me with strange wounds on my body. I wake up with body scars, bruises, finger scars, and skin cuts. That’s how I know something happened at night ” – she continued.

Maria explained that her daughter had a similar experience but that they had not told anyone about it. People will say it’s crazy to say the least. So he never told anyone what happened when he was young. As she got older she began to share small parts of what was happening with friends, but Maria said she did not want to scare people.

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