Peru: pipeline leak pollutes Amazon, puts people’s life in jeopardy

Threatening the ecosystem and life of native people, around three-thousand barrels of crude oil have been rampantly diffused in the Amazon River due to the pipeline leak. The state run oil company reportedly admitted the mistake and promised to clean up the river at the earliest.   The wrecked pipeline is one of the largest and the oldest pipeline of the country. The incident has badly affected the oil transportation in the region. The oil momentum has been completely stopped though the pipe after the unfortunate incident.  Meanwhile, Petroperu, the state-run oil company, is reportedly serving essential food materials and water to the native people, who are suffering due to the unexpected disaster. It seems that it will take some time to stabilise the life of the indigenous people who mostly depends up on the Amazon River for daily needs. The environment experts claim that it is very difficult to replace the shattered ecosystem in the Amazon region. The Amazon River is a home to variety of species, they added. The careless incidents like this would inflict danger to the flora and fauna of the region, they further added. The company authorities confirm that the landslide was the actual reason behind the initial leak but they could not found out authentic explanation for the second break. After the break, the oil has rapidly diffused into Chiriaco river. And, later, it reportedly spread to Morona River. Meanwhile, some organisations allege that the company had hired children to clean up the oil mess. But, the company authorities have denied and rubbished the arguments. The pipeline was built in early 1970s by the government authorities. Since then, the line is acting as a severe threat to the ecosystem of the Amazon River. Each day, at least six-thousand barrels of oil is being transported through this old pipeline.


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