‘Pink Panther’ hunt: Spain police nab suspected members of gang  

The Spain police have nabbed around five suspected members of the infamous robbery gang, ‘Pink Panther’. They were arrested in midst of a robbery operation conducted by the criminal gang at a jewellery shop in Barcelonan city of Spain. Reports say that the Spain police executed a cinematic style operation to nab the infamous robbers who often perform high-profile robbery crimes. As per report, a special operation team was waiting for the criminals inside the shop, when the gang members finally entered the shop to conduct an armed robbery. They are believed to have performed nearly three hundred and eighty robberies so far. Notably, the preponderance of the robberies conducted by the notorious gang was jewel shop robberies.

As per Interpol report, they are responsible for the highly professional robberies in Switzerland, France, Japan, Germany, Dubai, Luxembourg, Monaco, and Spain. Earlier, in 2014, a prime member of the gang was arrested in Madrid. It is said that he was involved in the Dubai robbery. He was later extradited to Dubai for the court procedures. In the investigation report, it is stated that majority of the members of the infamous robbery gang hails from the Balkan countries. The Interpol agencies gifted this striking name to this criminal gang when they had arrested some members of this gang in 2003 in London in relation with a diamond ring robbery. It is learned that the officials found the ring hidden in a jar of face cream just like a ploy used in the original Pink Panther comedy series.





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