Real Estate Mogul Brandon Miller Dies at 43 in the Hamptons

Brandon Miller, a prominent real estate mogul and husband of social media influencer Candice Miller, passed away last week at the age of 43 in the Hamptons, United States. Miller, who was admitted to a hospital days before his death on July 3, leaves behind his wife and two young children. The New York Post reported that the cause of his death remains undetermined.

Miller joined his father’s real estate firm, REEC, in 2004 after graduating from Brown University, where he headed the acquisitions and financing division. Under his leadership, the firm bought or developed over 20 million square feet of real estate nationwide. Despite his professional success, Miller faced several legal challenges in recent years, including lawsuits related to forged loan documents, fraudulent payments, and unpaid docking costs.

Candice Miller, who co-founded the popular lifestyle blog Mama + Tata with her sister Jenna Crespi in 2016, is well-known in New York’s social circles. In addition to her online presence, she is the head buyer at Tenet in Southampton and co-founder of the vintage-inspired clothing label Black Iris. The couple’s prominence in their respective fields has made this loss widely felt in the real estate and social media communities.

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