Rep. Lauren Boebert Undergoes Successful Surgery for Blood Clot, Diagnosed with May-Thurner Syndrome

Representative Lauren Boebert was rushed to UCHealth Medical Center in Loveland, Colorado, after experiencing severe leg swelling, her campaign announced. Medical professionals discovered a blood clot, leading to a diagnosis of May-Thurner Syndrome, a relatively rare condition. The congresswoman underwent surgery on Tuesday morning to remove the clot and insert a stent, with her team confirming the procedure’s success.

Doctors have expressed optimism regarding Boebert’s recovery, anticipating no long-term health effects from the incident. “We successfully performed surgery on the Congresswoman this morning and expect her to make a full recovery,” stated Dr. Rebecca Bade, part of the medical team at UCHealth. Boebert, thankful for the care received, looks forward to resuming her duties in Congress, representing Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District and eyeing the seat in the 4th district.

May-Thurner Syndrome, though not typically dangerous by itself, poses significant risks if a blood clot travels to the lungs, potentially causing a life-threatening pulmonary embolism. Following the successful procedure, Boebert is expected to make a full recovery and continue her work, underscoring the importance of prompt medical attention for such conditions.

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