Rio Olympics starts today; Maracana stadium to host opening ceremony


The official inauguration function of the Rio Olympics 2016 will happen in Maracana stadium with an astounding opening ceremony function on Today.Over two hundred nations will participate in the prestigious sports function. Not less than one billion audiences from across the globe will visit the stadiums to witness the spectacular events.The Olympics events will take place between August five and twelve in several stadiums specially designed and erected for this universal sports festival.Even before an official inauguration, the Olympics actions had already kicked off with the women’s football around two days ago.It is estimated by the Olympic officials that over three billion people will witness the opening ceremony.Interestingly, the refugee Olympic team, consisting of five South Sudanians, two Syrians, two DR Congoan, and one Ethiopian, will participate under the Olympic flag.   A total of two-hundred and seven teams, including two hundred and six nations and one refugee team, will participate in the Parade of Nations.

Notably, the United States is the largest team with nearly five hundred and fifty-four members while Tuvalu is the smallest team.In this Olympics, the thirteen-year-old Nepalese swimmer, Gaurika Singh, became the youngest competent.The Russian doping issue, Zika virus threat, security issues, Brazil political crisis, and several other constraints had earlier triggered heated debates across the world.But, now, it seems that the debates and speculations have almost ended. The nations and their competitors are all set. It is the time for real action.





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