Russia embraces Turkey; leaders pledge to restore economic relations



The Turkish supremo, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has visited Russia to strengthen the bilateral relations between the two strong western powers.It seems that the Turkish President is eagerly trying to patch up a bad quarrel, which gifted a huge economic damage to the country.It is Turkish supremo’s first foreign visit since the failed coup attempt, so the meeting gains greater importance.The Turk-Russian relation badly soured when the Turkish army had attacked a Russian bomber in Syria.

Followed by that, the angry Russians imposed strict-sanction on the Turkish government, which caused deep damage on the Turkish economy. They even banned the packaged tour program to Tukey.Now, after a brief period, the leaders of the two powerful nations are meeting in Russia, opening a new economic axis in Europe.The European Union has almost ditched Turkey after the Arab nation decided to reinstate the capital punishment.Now, the Turkish government badly need a strong economic partner or a powerful supporter. Experts observed that the Tukey is seeing a powerful supporter and economic-ally in Russia.While speaking with the media personals after the bilateral meeting in St Petersburg, the Russian supremo, Vladimir Putin, assured that his country would gradually drop the sanction imposed against Turkey.Meanwhile, the Turkish chief thanked the Russian President for his support. He pledged that he would try to reinstate Turk-Russian economic relation.



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