SC to uphold Kashmiri’s ‘Right to Life’


The Supreme Court of India on last day has demanded ground report from the central government over the Kashmir issue. As per the report, an SC bench headed by Chief Judge of India TS Thakur ordered that the government must submit a preliminary report on or before Monday. A petition seeking the urgent intervention of the Supreme Court in the Kashmir issue was submitted by senior attorney Bhim Singh. Since the death of the infamous Kashmiri separatist leader, the state is witnessing tremendous disturbance. The government authorities have even directed the media houses and telephone operators to limit their services for avoiding further chaos. In his petition, Singh claims that the continuous disturbance has badly affected the functioning of schools, shops, hospitals and other service institutions.
He points out that the basic fundamental rights assured by the constitution have been denied. He reminds the bench that Kashmiris have ‘Right to Life’ just like all other citizens of the country. He added that presently no grocery, no food, and no hospital service are available in the valley. He pointed out this as a clear violation of Article 21- the right to life. Meanwhile, the court raised suspicion about the authenticity of the complicated statements triggered by the petitioner. It reportedly asked the petitioner when did you last visit Kashmir. But, the petitioner submitted media reports in the court to strengthen his argument. Moreover, he also sought court’s intervention against using pellets to disperse violent-protest. However, the court reportedly clarified that it cannot interfere into the security issues, but it will protect the people’s rights.

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