Speak English or leave UK: warns Cameron


The United Kingdom government last day warned that the people on the spouse visa who fail to pass English test would face deportation. The government had recently announced a huge fund to develop the language skill of the migrant people, particularly for the Muslim women. An international Media revealed the new policy of the UK government, which is reportedly articulated at the behest of Prime Minister David Cameron. Media quoted as Cameron as saying; the migrants who failed to develop their language skills would face deportation after two year of stay.

According to the amended law, the migrants who are visiting the country with a five year spouse visa will have to undergo a language skill test after two years. If they fail in the language test, they will have to leave the country. Cameron observed that the new policy would be the best way to prevent the radicalisation. The language policy would improve unity among the people who are living in the country, he believes. He avows that he would certainly provide all the helping factors to improve the language skills of the migrant people. Accepting his mistake, He admits that he had earlier reduced the funds for language classes. Cameron claims that the country’s financial problems had forced him to take that step. According to a survey report, around two lakh British-Muslim-women speaks poor English. A report reveals that Pakistani and Bangladesh Muslims are not keen to pick up the language so the authorities are trying to give more attention to that minorities.


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