The world’s deepest shipwreck, the USS Samuel B Roberts, has been found

A military destroyer escort that sank during World War II has been discovered as the deepest wreckage yet identified. In October 1944, the USS Samuel B. Roberts was sunk in the Philippine Sea’s Battle Off Samar. 6,895 metres (22,621 feet) of water surrounds it.

The “Sammy B” was found by Texas businessman and explorer Victor Vescovo, who is the owner of a deep-diving submersible. The ship is renowned for its valiant last struggle against the Japanese. It managed to contain and frustrate a number of enemy ships despite being outnumbered and outgunned before eventually going down. 89 people died out of the 224 people on board the Samuel B Roberts. For 50 hours, the 120 survivors held on to life rafts while they waited for help. The missing ship’s location and the opportunity to recount its incredible tale of bravery and devotion, according to Mr. Vescovo, a former naval reservist, were both tremendous honours.

The hull structure, weapons, and torpedo tubes can be seen in the images taken by the adventurers’ sub, the Limiting Factor. The Sammy B has been hit by Japanese shells, and there are signs of one significant impact in the stern quarter.

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