Trump Challenges Biden to Golf Match with $1 Million Charity Bet

Former President Donald Trump issued a public challenge to President Joe Biden during a rally at his Doral golf course in South Florida. Trump proposed an 18-hole golf match at Doral’s Blue Monster course, offering Biden a 10-stroke advantage per side. The former president added that if he loses, he would donate $1 million to a charity of Biden’s choice, emphasizing the potential for the event to be one of the most-watched in sporting history.

Trump’s offer, however, was met with a swift response from the Biden administration. James Singer, Biden’s spokesperson, dismissed the challenge, labeling Trump’s actions as distractions. He criticized Trump for his recent behavior, including comments on various public figures and policies, and underscored Biden’s focus on leading the nation and defending global democracy.

Singer’s statement also included a series of challenges back to Trump, questioning his track record on job creation, foreign policy, and adherence to the law. He concluded by asserting that Biden has no time for Trump’s “weird antics,” portraying Trump as self-serving and detrimental to the country’s well-being.

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