Trump’s visit to Kenosha expands his appeal

US President Donald Trump has visited Kenosha, Wisconsin, lately. His visit has increased his political appeal among the electorate of the country.

During his visit, he has extended strong support to the law enforcement agencies which was left defenceless by the shooting of a black man by police.

The region has seen a series of protest since the shooting. The region has even witnessed violent confrontation between the protesters and the police.

Earlier, Mr. Trump was warned against visiting the region citing that his visit would spark another series of protests in the region.

Ironically, Mr. Trump has come to extent his support to the law enforcement agencies. Notably, he has reduced the gap between him and his rival, Joe Biden – who was predicted as leading as per the initial opinion polls.

The US President has blamed Democrats for the increasing gap between the black community and the rest in the US society.

It seems that the strategy adopted by the US President’s camp over the issue is working. The latest trend is the clear example of that.  

If the things progress in this direction, Mr. President is expected to overcome his rival, Joe Biden, in the near future itself.

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