Tunisia imposes dust-to-dawn curfew to curb unrest


Tunisian government had recently imposed a dust-to-dawn curfew to spike down the growing unrest in the country. Last day, President Beji Caid Essebsi reminded the people that the country is highly vulnerable to the Islamic State terror attack. He added that the unrest in the region would encourage the militants to exploit the country in this weakest movement. The country is currently facing a terrible employment scarcity. Around thirty percentages of the country’s youth are unemployed, which is inviting a new crisis to the ailing country. The country has an unstable economy that prevents the nation from generating new job opportunities for the disturbed youth.  Aggravating the crisis, Tunisia had last year faced three major terror attacks that severely jolted the country. Last week, a young man had committed suicide after losing a government job opportunity. The incident has triggered unrest in the nation, and led to violent demonstrations in several regions. While addressing the nation, the President demanded that the government should immediately sort out the mounting job crisis among the youth. The ruling government has convened an immediate cabinet meeting to find a proper solution to the issue. Meanwhile, to avoid the ‘public and privet’ property destructions, the government has announced ‘dust-to dawn’ curfew in the country. The authorities have cancelled the sports and cultural programs. Earlier, around five years before, a suicide of an unemployed youth had sparked the Tunisian revolution, which uprooted the then autocratic government of Tunisia and gifted a democratic government to the country.


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