U.S. Strikes Yemeni Houthi Radar Sites Following Red Sea Attacks

In response to heightened maritime threats in the Red Sea, the United States military has conducted targeted strikes against radar installations controlled by Yemen’s Houthi rebels. This action, announced by U.S. Central Command, aimed to neutralize capabilities used by the Houthis to target commercial vessels navigating through the strategically vital corridor linking Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

The military operations included the destruction of seven radar sites within Houthi-held territory, crucial for their ability to track and potentially attack maritime traffic. Additionally, U.S. forces intercepted and destroyed two bomb-laden drone boats and a drone launched by the Houthis over the Red Sea. These measures come amidst escalating tensions, exacerbated by repeated Houthi attacks on shipping that have disrupted major supply deliveries and endangered international commercial interests.

Central Command’s statement highlighted the Houthis’ persistent targeting of maritime vessels, emphasizing the broader impact on global commerce and humanitarian efforts. The recent incident involving the Liberian-flagged bulk cargo carrier Tutor, attacked by a Houthi drone boat resulting in the disappearance of one sailor, underscored the ongoing risks faced by international shipping in the region. Despite these military actions, the Houthis have not officially acknowledged the strikes nor reported any losses on their side, maintaining their stance amidst a protracted conflict that has seen extensive international involvement.

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