US forces in Somalia to attack Al-Shabaab militants  

It seems that US backed African Union peace force is set to attack Somalian Islamic militant organisation Al-Shabaab. Reports say that the US military force had recently attacked a vehicle convoy of militants through an unexpected drone attack. Notably, a military source reportedly announced that their primary target is Assan Ali Dhoore, a dangerous Islamic militant of Al-Shabab. Recently, he had allegedly organised a terrible militant attack in which some US citizens were killed. Anyway, it is said that the US military organisations or intelligence officials have not yet properly assessed the output of the latest attacks. But, it is learned that the US force is successfully advancing. As per reports, the US agencies have some extremely authentic observatories near the Kenyan borders and these observatories would effectively monitor the actions in the war-zone. Since long Al-Shabab is disturbing Somalia and it slowly derailing the peaceful living conditions in this economically backward country. As per reports, if the military forces capture leaders of this militant organisation like Dhoore, the group will largely turn irrelevant and ineffective. So, the peace forces are carrying virtual attacks on chief coordinators of the militant organisation instead of a direct confrontation with base level militants, says expert. It is learned that this militant outfit developed in Somalia has organised several attacks in Uganda and Kenya.



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