US to open even without vaccine

The United States of America has indicted that it would return to normal even if it did not develop a vaccine.

He has also expressed his hope in the ability of the nation to develop a Covid-19 vaccine within a timeframe of one year.

The US President has likened to the project to develop a vaccine to eliminate the threat of the Covid-19 outbreak, to the effort to the US during the World War Two to develop a nuclear weapon.

The latest declaration indicates that the North American country of the United State of America is desperate to reopen its economy.

The extend of desperation is evident in the statement that the country would open its economy even if it did not develop a vaccine.

It is hoped that the country can develop a vaccine within the timeframe of one year.

Many see the US as a role model. It is believed that many other countries may follow the step of the US in this matter.

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