Why Sanders deserves victory

Many think Bernie Sanders is the best man to take on Donald Trump as the Democratic Party candidate in the upcoming US Presidential Election.

They argue that Mr. Sanders is the only person who has a clear climate plan. They see Mr. Sanders as a true visionary.

When the campaign speeches of Mr. Sanders are closely analysed, it can be found that there is merit in the arguments made in support of him.

Clearly, Mr. Sanders calls for transformative changes within the country and collaborative, responsible action with the rest of the world.

Undoubtedly, he dominates over his rivals in that matter. Unlike his rivals including Joe Biden – who is at present close to his victory, he has a clear climate plan.

Unfortunately, that vision is not discussed properly. It is often neglected. It is not clear why his vision fails to attain the glamour it truly deserves.

In reality, Mr. Sanders is the only sensible option available before the Americans if it wishes to correct the wrongs it has committed in the area of climate – especially its exit from the ambitious Paris Climate Treaty.

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