Apple’s new Mac Pro has 1.5 TB RAM; starts at $5999 and might go upto $45,000

On Monday, Apple unveiled their most awaited Mac Pro 2019 during the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2019. The 2019 Mac Pro is nothing less than a workstation behemoth. The cheese grater shaped PC can go up to 28 cores of Intel Xeon processors, 4 terabytes of storage and a whooping 1.5 TB of RAM.

Apple claims that the Mac Pro is the most configurable PC they’ve ever built. Built for pro users such as film-makers, photographers, musicians, designers, video editors and so on who require high performance workstations. The computer is powerful enough to run three streams of raw 8K video. It has a stainless steel frame with handles. There’s also an optional set of wheels to move the machine around. It starts at $5,999 and comes out this fall. Apple also announced a new 6K display that goes with the Mac Pro which starts at $4,999

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Even though Apple did not disclose the price of the top spec version of the Mac Pro, estimated that it might go upwards of $45,000. Add in the new Apple display and it will cross the $50,000 mark. Apple’s announcement that the display stand was worth another $1,000 caused it to be the subject of online memes.

Since launching the 2013 model, the company rarely updated the device, and when it did, only included minor changes like slightly faster Intel processors. Apple executives said the previous design put it in a “thermal corner,” meaning that it couldn’t make it much faster with that form factor.

Along with the Mac Pro, Apple introduced various other products and updates at the WWDC including the iOS 13 with a dark mode, Mac OS Catalina, an operating system just for the iPad called iPadOS and new features for Watch fans. Apple TV now supports multi-user support and support for game controllers such as the Xbox One S

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