Bloomberg mistakenly uses prison labour for election campaign

US presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg has mistakenly used the support of prison labour for his election campaign.

He said that he had severed his contract with a call centre which uses the support of prison labour for its operations.

He told the media that he was not aware about the usage of prison labour by the company until he was asked about the usage by a media reporter.

Mr. Bloomberg is a wealthy businessman. His election campaigns are known for its extravagance.

He is very powerful candidate. He has the capability to turn the mind of the people of the world’s most powerful country in its favour.

The move to severe his ties with the company which uses the support of prison labour is regarded as an attempt to escape from the clutches of unnecessary criticism.

There are many in the US who believe that the businessman will be the one who is going to take on Donald Trump in the upcoming Presidential Election in the country.

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