Burundi police detains journalists


Burundi security personals on last day detained two foreign journalists from the civil-war prone area of the country. Reports say that the action will further distort the relations between the western counties and the war-affected African country. The International Medias identified the arrestees as a French journalist, Jean Philippe Remy, and a British Journalist, Phil Moore; and both reportedly carrying proper accreditation documents. While speaking to the Media personals, a senior police officer of the country conformed the reports about the arrest. He claims that, both of them was arrested from Jabe, a neighbouring district of, war-shattered, Bujumbura.  However, some international agencies reported that the actual details of the arrests were not yet revealed. They allege that the police declined to comment on the motives of the arrest. However, the Le Mode, a French newspaper, conformed that both the arrestee’s are the employees of their media. And, they demanded that the Burundi government should immediately release their employees. Later, French Foreign Minister interfered in the issue and demanded the same. Meanwhile, surprisingly, the UK officials declined to comment of the issue. Reports say that Remy is the African bureau chief for the Le Monde and Moore is a freelance reported working in the same media. Interestingly, both of them had secured several awards for their excellence in the reporting in Africa. Since April, Burundi is suffering from a terrible civil war. The US and EU have several times denounced the civil war in the country. And, they urged for peace-process in the African nation. Recently, this African country had invited wide flak when it expelled some foreign journalist from the country.


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