Commentary: The Impending Economic Disaster

The United States is the world’s most powerful country, in terms of both economic might and military might. It is the backbone of the global economy – which is now in a highly connected state (thanks to globalisation). It is needless to say how a small fluctuation in the US affects the world in large.

The world, including the US, is at present concentrated only in the complete elimination of the cornavirus threat – which has brought the world to a serious existential crisis (sort of which is completely alien to the world.

This is the time to think out of box. Limiting the thought of a country, like the US which has enormous responsibility to the world as a leader of the world, to addressing the immediate crisis of eliminating the virus is unfortunate – also, may prove disastrous.

The US needs to formulate a strategy to confront the impending economic danger as early as possible.

The world’s most powerful country, at this juncture, is the only country which is powerful enough to think that seriously about the future of the global economy.

The US was once the preacher of globalisation. It was instrumental to make the world highly connected in terms of economy.

What that simply means is the country has responsibility to protect the framework using which it has marched towards the helm of the global economy surmounting the threats posed by many counter-‘isms’ like socialism and communism.

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