Death Valley hits 54.4C

Death Valley National Park, located in California, the US, has recorded the highest temperature every recorded in this planet – 54.4C.

The authenticity of the report has been verified by the US National Weather Service.

The high temperature has come as a result of a heatwave on the US’s west coast.

As per the latest weather forecast, the temperature may rise even further in this week.

The development has led to the malfunction of a power plant in the region. It has left at the edge of a serious blackout.

It is not the first time the valley has recorded this experience. Earlier, during the year 2013, the valley went through a similar situation.

Now, there is no surprise why the region is known as Death Valley. It truly derives this title. This temperature means that the region is improper to offer a living space to any living creation.   

Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright