First federal execution for more than 17 years to take place in US’ Indiana

The first federal execution in the North American country of the United States of America for over 17 years is scheduled to take place in Indiana, as a court has removed the last hindrance which stayed the execution of the order.   

Daniel Lewis Lee is the one who is going to face the execution. He is a convicted murderer. He was convicted for killing a family of three.

The execution of the order was blocked few days back by a federal judge. The present order has overturned the previous order.  

The relatives of the victims have opposed the order, on the ground that they would not be able to attend due to the present circumstance.

The government has taken a stand in support of the execution, unlike the relatives of the victims. It has appealed for the immediate implementation of the execution order.

There are rumors that the relatives may appeal against the order in the top country of the United States.  

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