Floyd Death: Protest break out across the US

Severe protest has broken out across the North American country of the United States of America in connection with the custodial killing of an unarmed Black Man by a White police officer.

The video which shows the unfortunate incident of the killing is going viral in the social media platform.

The protest, which originally originated in Minneapolis – the place where the incident took place, has spread to almost all main states across the country.

Many have come out boldly to register their protest against the unfortunate incident happened in the United States – the country which boasts of its rich democratic tradition.

Some of the states like New York and Atlanta have witnessed violent protest. The protesters have even staged a protest outside the White House.

Meanwhile, the ex-Minneapolis policeman, who is accused of committing the crime, has been charged with murder.

The issue is expected to trigger a serious political discussion in the near future. It may even reflect in the upcoming General Election. Some observe that the Black electorate this time may assemble strongly behind the Democrat Candidate, Joe Biden.

Recently, US President reacted to the protest in strong words. He even humiliated the protestors by calling them thugs.

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