George Floyd’s family calls for change in laws

During the funeral function of George Floyd, the black man whose custodial death sparked a global protest opposing the injustice faced by the black community of the North American country of the United States of America, one of his nieces has called for a change in laws.

As per her opinion, there are several laws in the present laws and they keep the black community always at a disadvantaged position.

Several dignitaries have participated in the funeral function. They have called for racial justice in the United States.

The funeral function has taken place in a church in Houston. Several people – mostly those close to the man who was killed in the custody of the police – have addressed the mourners during the function.

The deceased man has been buried besides his mother in the Houston Memorial Garden in Houston.

 A white police man who allegedly chocked the black man to death was booked over the charge of murder. He was also dismissed from the service.

For the last few days, the country has been witnessing serious protest expressing dissatisfaction for the rise in the number of discriminative treatments faced by the black community of the country.

Recently, the majority of the elected members of the state administration under which the crime had happened announced its plan to restructure the police framework to make it less discriminatory towards the black community.

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