Germany: Pro-migrant politician’s murderer awarded life imprisonment

A German court has awarded life imprisonment to a far-right leader who has been found guilty for the murder of a pro-migrant politician.

It is the first far-rightist murder crime that has been registered in the country since the year 1920.

The court has also given a punishment to another person in connection with the case. He has been awarded a suspended sentence in the case.

The development has triggered a serious discussion around the subject in the social media platforms.

The European country of Germany is struggling to cope with the rising strength of the far-rightist politics.

The rise of far-rightist politics is not just a German issue, but it is also a serious issue in the entire Europe.

Germany is a very powerful country. Once it was very close to the far-rightist ideology. But, the Second World War overturned the country’s attachment towards the ideology. Adolf Hitler was the last powerful proponent of the ideology. The contribution of this ideology towards the Second World War was very high. In a sense, this ideology was the one which fuelled the war, which brought havoc to the continent of Europe.

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