Hallmark reverses decision to pull out same-sex ads

Hallmark Card has decided not to proceed with the decision it made due to the pressure from a conservative organisation, One Million Moms – which demanded through a petition to pull down the advertisements depict same-sex relations from the company’s cable network.

Apologising to its customers, and acknowledging the mistake, the company has reversed the decision.

Earlier, the company’s decision received serious criticism. Several LGBTQ rights organisations criticised the decision. Apart from the organisation, even several celebrities, like renowned show host Ellen DeGeneres, expressed their disagreement with the decision.

The company has formally apologised to its customers. It has vowed to make its contents more LGBTQ friendly.

Actually, it was an advertisement submitted by a wedding registry and planner site, Zola, which received the ire of the conservative group which petitioned demanding the removal of the LGBTQ ads.

The company has promised to reengage with the wedding registry and planner site, which found its relation with the company unilaterally severed by the cable network company to appease a conservative group.

The site has not yet commended about the issue. It is yet to see whether the site will accept the new stand of the cable network company or not.

Many organisations have welcomed the company’s decision to reverse its earlier decision to bring the things back to normal.

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