Elizabath Chacko ( MD – Kalpana’s International) Winter care tips

Tips that will help you manage the winter cold.

Go easy on the salt : Salt balance is incredibly important, which is why if you’re dehydrated, it can be a good idea to add salt.  But if you normally eat very salty food, you can knock your salt balance out of whack the other direction, which can cause dehydration. So ,if you are a bit heavy-handed with the shaker, cut back.

Ease up on the caffeinated beverages : Coffee and non-herbal tea contains caffeine, a natural diuretic, which can dry out your skin. Choose herbal tea or plain water to keep as hydrated as possible and your skin will improve.

Avoid moisturizers with petroleum: Mineral oil and petroleum jelly are both petroleum-based products, which mean they coat the skin, but don’t actually moisturize. Over time, your skin becomes unable to function normally without the unnatural oil slick; your aim should be to encourage the natural, healthy sebum production in your dermis.