Instability hunts UN peace force in Mali

The recent incidents in the war-distorted Mali imply that the internal tensions among the UN peace force are rampantly weakening strength and coordination of the force. In one such incident, a Chadian soldier who belonged to UN force had allegedly attacked his superior and killed him mercilessly. The incident was reported in a military base at Kidal. Anyway, the UN authorities on last day announced a detailed probe in the matter and initiated efforts to sort out the ego-clash between the soldiers. UN reportedly identified that the Chadian soldier deliberately attacked his superior officer and a doctor.

In contrary to the UN’s assessments, an international media reported that the Chadian soldiers are not fairly treated by the UN force. According to a report, the Chand force often alleged that the UN force had intentionally posted the Chadian soldiers in the most dangerous areas. They are often unpaid and left with limited resources, added report. Earlier, the Chad government had raised similar allegations against the UN authorities. Last year, the forces had threatened to leave the UN force in order to push for the salary. It is learned that not just the culprit, preponderance of the Chadian soldiers are unhappy under the UN force. Nearly nine thousand Chadian soldiers are serving in Mali to fight the security crisis in the country. Around four years ago, Mali had been partially collapsed by the Islamist attack. Since then, the International force is serving the nation to strengthen its stability. However, the internal issues in the UN force may invite potential threat to the African country, says expert.


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