Ireland commemorates 1916s Easter Rising rebel leaders  


Nearly thousands of natives participated in a march organised to commemorate 1916s Easter Rising rebel leaders at Irish capital city, Dublin, on last day. The 1916s Easter Rising was considered as the symbol of Irish-nationalism movement. During the six day rebellion movement, nearly four-hundred and eighty people were brutally slaughter by the then British government; and the leaders of the rebel faction were arrested and later murdered. However, this unsuccessful-rebellion had gifted Ireland a unique identity of resistance and prompted the small island region of the then Great Briton to achieve an independent status eventually. Reports say that the demonstrations started at Kilmainham Goal region, where the rebel leaders were detained and killed by the then colonial superiors. And, the demonstration ended at Arbour Hills region, which is a former crematorium, where the rebel leaders were buried by the colonial superiors. Several top regionalist political leaders like Deputy First Minister of Ireland Martion Mc Guinness have participated in the demonstration. It is said that the relatives of rebel heroes have participated in the prestigious event with pride. Reports say that the organisers arranged several cultural programs in association with Cabra Historical Society to embellish the event. It is learned that the Irish government will organise an official commemoration program in coming Sunday. The military parade will happen on that day itself.



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