Macedonian president gives pardon to corrupted politicians  

Putting its European Union membership ambition in jeopardy, Macedonia gives pardon to the politicians involved in an infamous corruption scandal. Media reported that Macedonian Supremo Gjorge Ivanov has decided to stop investigations and other proceedings on the political elite’s corruption practices that were unearthed by covert recordings. It is said that the President took this extreme step to clear all unnecessary problems surrounding the political sector ahead of the upcoming elections. As per reports, the country is scheduled to embrace a crucial parliament election on coming June. It is learned that several top political personalities are implicated in the covert recording. Indeed, there were allegations that the top political elites of the country used their political power and position to cover-up crimes like corruption, murder and many more. Anyway, the European Union reportedly condemned the government’s move strongly. And, a top EU official reportedly warned that this illegal move will spoil the EU membership dreams of the nation. Since last year, the political hemisphere of this Balkan nation has been facing a huge crisis due to the unexpected corruption-revelations. In a statement released through broadcast Medias, President Ivanov claims that he is trying to save the ailing nation from unnecessary political crisis. Interestingly, until now he has not responded to the EU commends and opposition’s allegations regarding the pardon. Earlier, Macedonian Supremo alleged that the opposition is trying to derail the government with false allegations. However, the opposition strongly denounced the government’s claims.



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