Maharashtra to give EGC to out-of-school children

In an effort to reduce the number of out-of-school children in Maharashtra, the state government is planning to deliver Educational Guarantee Card to these children. As per reports, this card will register the educational status of the children and will enable them to grab continuous education even if they have to migrate from one state to another for their livelihood. The plan is aiming to deliver uninterrupted educational assistance for the poor children particularly children belongs to migrant community. According to a survey report, currently more than seventy four thousand children are out-of-school due to various reasons. Last year, it was some were near fifty thousand. The report was publicised by the state Education Minister Vinod Tawde while he was speaking at the assembly house recently. Meanwhile, a senior congress leader pointed out that surveys conducted by some private agencies have revealed a much higher numbers. He questioned the authenticity of the government survey reports. But, Minister tactically avoided the backlash by describing the survey as a continuous process under state government. Anyway, Minister claims that his government have successfully registered nearly fifty thousand students in the list and given Educational Guarantee Cards to these children. Meanwhile, the Shiv Sena members questioned the government’s decision to shut the government schools with below twenty students, saying it will hurt the students hailing from hilly and isolated regions. However, the state government clarified that they will omit the schools working in the hilly and isolated regions from the proposal.


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