Migrants from Honduras meets tear gases in Guatemala

A caravan of migrants from Honduras fleeing poverty and violence has met tear gases in Guatemala. The caravan was moving towards the US. The migrants were trying to enter the US through Mexico.

The Guatemala government has expressed its displeasure to allow the journey of the migrant caravan through its territory. It has pledged not to entertain the free passage of migrants through its territory.

The majority of the members of the caravan were from Honduras, which is struck by extreme poverty, unemployment, economic crisis and violence.

The US is scheduled to witness a regime change this month. Joe Biden, who is set to take charge as the President of the world’s most prosperous country, has assured to relook the tough immigration policy installed by Donald Trump.

It is believed that the change political climate of the US will encourage more to take the tiresome journey to the US through Mexico.

Anyway, Mr. Biden has reminded migrants that the policy would not change overnight. He has discouraged migrants from taking the opinion of this hideous journey.  

It is yet to be seen how Mr. Biden will handle this crisis. The world is watching whether Mr. Biden has the courage to undo the restriction imposed on the migrant entry through the Mexico border altogether.    

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