Opposition accuses South African President of violating constitution


Opposition parties accused South African President Jacob Zuma of violating the constitution of the country. Reports say that the President spend large chunk of money on his private home violating the constitution of the African country. An eleven member court is currently hearing a petition filed by the opposition parties over the scandal. The country witnessed wide protect against the President. The protesting people claim that the head of the state is tainted by the corruption cases. It is learned that the President is trying to avoid abashing movements of the court hearing and he is currently interested to repay the money to the public fund. South Africa is currently ruled by the African National Congress; the president enjoys huge support from his party. Reports say that they are backing the President’s stand to fight the allegations. The major oppositions –Democratic Alliance party and Economic Freedom fighters party- is strongly opposing the President and firmly fighting the case against the supremo in the court. Without much surprise, the parliament committee and the ministry of the police have given clean chit to the supremo. The ministry claims that the money is used for an unavoidable security upgradation. However, the allegation is not powerful enough to topple the supremo from the top post. But, it had successfully jolted the political scenario of the country. Because of the confidential nature of the African courts, it is not yet clear when the court would deliver the verdict.


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