Presidential fight intensifies in the US

The fight for the seat of President between Democrats and Republicans have intensified in the North American country of the United States of America.

A day after US President Donald Trump, who is the Republican candidate for the seat of President, made a strong appeal for his re-election in Florida, his opponent, Joe Biden, who is the Democrat candidate, has made a strong appeal in the same city.

The approach of Mr. Trump on the matter of Covid-19 is different from the approach of Mr. Biden on the same matter.

While speaking in the function, Mr. Biden has criticised Mr. Trump for his attitude on the matter of Covid-19.

What Mr. Biden tries to establish is that Mr.  Trump is less sensitive about the threat posed by Covid-19 to elderly.

Clearly, the strategy of Democrats is to turn the elderly electorate in their favour. It is yet to been seen whether the strategy will benefit Mr. Biden or not.

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