Retired Judge will investigate Andhra ‘call money’ case

After facing wide flak, the Andhra Pradesh government has appointed a Judicial Commission, headed by a retired Judge, to investigate the recently busted ‘Call Money’ case. So far, around eighty culprits is arrested related to the case, and majority of them has strong political connections. A senior minister in the TDP-run Andhra Pradesh government revels that the government would introduce Money Lending Bill in the Legislative Assembly. He claims that it would curtail the people from doing illegal money-lending business. Call-money business is a kind of instant money method. It operates in an organized mode. If we need some money, we could make a call and the money will be made available on your house door. In return, we have to pay a heavy interest rate.If you failed to repay the money, then you will be forced into different kind of cruel exploitation. More often, the culprits drag the victims into the flesh trade as a repayment. The racket came to light while investigating a sexual abuse case registered by a woman from Vijayawada region. The Vijayawada City Commissioner Goutam Sawang had made the initial investigation on the case and bought some vital information regarding the racket. He conducted around seventy raids and found that apart from the sexual assaults the group had captured the properties of the victims. The police authorities have registered the case under several IPC sections, including extortion, sexual exploitation, cheating, and lot more. The political involvement in the case has given pressure to the ruling government. The opposition demands strong action against the culprits, they criticized the government for the delay in the action. However, the Andhra Pradesh CM last day directed the district authority to take strong actions.

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