Salvadorian Court to prosecute former Supremo over embezzlement charges

Putting former President Mauricio Funes in a defence-less state, El Salvador’s Supremo Court on last day upheld the lower court’s order to prosecute the former supremo in an embezzlement case. A lower court of the tiny Central American nation had recently found that the former chief of the country had illegally earned money during his tenure as a President of the state. According to a report published in an international media, the former President could not justify around seven lakh dollars in expenditures. It is learned that the highest court has withheld the accounts of the leader and confiscated some of his assets. Meanwhile, the court reportedly identified that his son also held a prominent share in his crimes. Reports say that the court would deliver further orders to cease his son’s assets. Interestingly, the prosecution had not submitted any criminal charges against the duo. Instead, they stressed on the civil sections in the case. As per the reports, around nine judges of fifteen member panel have voted in favour of the judgement. Earlier, the investigators revealed that ex-Supremo didn’t have much investment during his tenure as the State’s head. It seems that Mauricio had perfectly forecasted the court’s action. In one of his earlier statements, he clearly mentioned that the court would deliver an unpleasant ruling. Through his micro-blogger -Twitter- handle, he ridicules the allegations and suspects conspiracy in the judgement. He claims that four of the judges in the panel had earlier attacked his government. Mauricio was a member of a party that developed from a guerrilla militant group. He ruled the complicated Central American nation from early 2009 till late 2014.Similarly, another ex-President of the country had earlier faced similar cases. He was under house arrest. Unfortunately, he recently expired.


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