SC quashes petition seeking law for adoption…

 The Supreme Court of India on last day dismissed a Public Interest Litigation which was submitted on 2012 seeking law for adoption process. According to the report, the petition was filed by a Non-governmental organisation, Advait Foundation, which is based in Pune. A three-member judicial panel headed by Justice T.S Thakur, Ms. R. Banumathi and Uday Lalit heard the plea. While disposing the petition, the court observed that a new law which was recently passed by the Parliament is expected to provide credible and accountable adoption procedure. Meanwhile, the court ordered that if the organisation detects any fraud practices even after implementation of the law, they are free to approach the court for securing an order directing a CBI probe into the issue. However, the petitioner informed the court that the inter-country adoption has become a crooked business. Some agencies are exploiting the possibilities of the adoption process to secure illicit revenue, added petitioner.Interestingly, according to a report published in a National daily newspaper, nearly five-thousand Indian couples are currently in the waiting-list for legal adoption of a child. But, around 800 children are yearly reaching abroad through inter-country adoption channels. This contradictory figures itself proves the depth of the inter-country adoption business, claims expert. Anyway, it is learned that the court have advised the government to formulate effective guidelines to facilitate adoption and to wipe out crimes related to the process. Notably, the parliament took three long decades to articulate a law regarding the adoption process.


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