Shani temple row: Women’s organisations demand gender-equality


Various women’s organisations, including some Muslim women’s organisations, offered support to the women groups who are participating in Shani-temple-entry protest in Maharashtra. The organisations demand that the temple authorities should amend the narrow minded rules, which is established by the old patriarchal society. They urged the administrative committee to implement an unbiased rule. At the same time, the organisations further demand a complete revamp in the temple administrative body, which is currently a male-dominated administrative structure. The Shani shingnapur temple is one of the oldest temples in Maharashtra; the women protesters had recently planned to organise a march to the temple premise, and that prompted the district authority to impose section 144 in the region to curtail the movement. Surprisingly, Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan had recently joined the Hindu Women’s group to strengthen the movement.   BMMA offered complete support to the women movement and declared it as a democratic movement. It criticised the gender biased administrative system of the temple authorities, and condemned the imposition of section 144 by the district authorities. Zakia Soman, BMMA member, said to the Medias that she was initially shocked by the immature action of the district administrative authorities.  The women organisations demand that the religions should not practice gender discrimination and declare that the God is not a privet property of any religion’s trust. They assert that the religion’s trust or any other administrative authority didn’t have any constitutional authority to construct a discriminatory rule.   Recently, a similar kind of protest erupted in Kerala demanding provision for women’s entry in the Sabarimala temple. The protest had triggered heated debates in the social media platforms and broadcast Medias.


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